I started Elston Gunn for one reason, to be able to own the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear.  

My experience as a vintage menswear buyer and fashion photographer has trained my eye to spot quality and craftmanship. I understand the ins-and-outs of what makes a garment worth buying and wearing.

When it comes to the clothes I want to own I have a few rules;

  • They must be made in a country where there are good working conditions in the textile industry.
  • They are (with very few exceptions) made before 1970.
  • They must have a unique feature (colour, fabric or design) which makes them a joy to wear.
  • There must be as little waste in the manufacturing process as possible. 

At Elston Gunn, it is my goal to make clothing which adheres to these rules. Elston Gunn clothes are made exclusively in the UK and mainly in or around central London.  The products are inspired by timeless pieces, either from my ever-growing vintage collection or my forever-expanding online moodboards.  An immense amount of thought is put into each product's design, from the billowing sleeves with gathered cuffs to the colour matched apple green and white polka dot pattern.  Finally, as my products are made-to-order, there is an absolute minimum waste material!

I hope you enjoy wearing Elston Gunn as much as I enjoy making it.

For the outlaws.